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Is Your Basement or Crawl Space Always Wet and Smell Musty?

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While builders take steps to waterproof basements during construction, over time a house can settle, creating cracks in the basement walls. When the soil outside becomes saturated, water can seep through these cracks. Even structurally sound basement walls can absorb water from the soil and transfer it to the basement interior, making the walls feel wet. Here are some common signs that your basement needs attention:

Wet Walls

Standing Water in Basement

Musty Smell

High Humidity in Basement

Humidty and Moisture are the Enemy

Water damage affects 14,00 people each day nationally and the average insurance payyout for water damage is over $11,000. 

Waterproofinng your basement or crawl space can prevent mold, mildew, flooding and foundation problems. 

Seal It Up Tight

Sealing out water from your home with high qualiity waterproofing products will allow you to utilize every square inch of living space and/or keep your home strucurally sound for years to come.

There are a wide variety of waterproofing techniques available today and FSI’s professionals are familiar with all of them. That is why we offer the best waterproof protection that you will find in Hampton Roads. One of the most common waterproofing methods that we can use to help you avoid problems in your home is completing exterior basement waterproofing. By doing this, we will be setting up a water barrier that will keep water out of your basement, ensuring it stays dry.

Quality Work Every Project, Everytime

Every custom job we take on at FSI Foundation Systems is guaranteed to receive the best customer service and high-quality foundation repair job. Cutting Corners?

Not in our work!

We strongly believe in quality and want to offer you the best customer service, which is why we offer warranties on our helical piles, which transfers if you sell your home.